careersSocial work is not a profession that’s often known for great financial compensation. Most people who work in this field find the greatest reward lies with their offering to make life better for the lives they touch though public service. Choosing the a social work career which yields the greatest income In fact, this particular field is growing quickly, with 20-percent job growth over the last few years. This suggests that people who are smart can earn professional-level salaries while working with children, individuals, and families. What are the highest paying jobs in social work? Here is a list of five of those jobs.

Social Worker

Often employed by a government agency, a social worker can expect to earn around $40,000 according to statistics provided by the BLS. These individuals must at least have a bachelor’s degree in social work, psychology, or a related field, and they usually come into the profession with a master’s degree. This can increase salary potential and give these individuals a chance to earn even more money.

Social workers deal with a wide range of issues. They deal primarily with the psychological well-being of children and other individuals. They may work on behalf of children in the foster care setting. They might also serve as child representatives in court proceedings. Their role can be varied depending upon their employer.

School and Education Counseling

School counselors can work with students in a host of different educational settings. From early elementary school all the way through high school, counselors look after the emotional well-being of their students. Their primary role is to spot problems and deal with the issues faced by students in the course of normal school life. Together with teachers and administrators, school counselors promote good educational results, and they give students a chance to succeed in classes.

School counselor salaries can vary depending upon the school district where a person works. In larger cities with bigger education budgets, counselors will make much more money. In smaller places and rural settings, counselors can expect to pull down less money on a yearly basis. The BLS reports that the median salary for a school counselor is around $53,000. In order to secure one of these jobs, a person will usually need a master’s degree in counseling. This is typically secured after a student goes through an undergraduate psychology program.

Social Work Instructor

It might seem somewhat unconventional, but one of the best ways to pull down a solid salary in this field is to teach the craft. The annual wage for these professionals is just about $70,000. This makes social work teaching the most lucrative of all of the social work positions. In order to land one of these spots, a student will need at least a master’s degree. Specialized degrees are highly attractive for students who want to land the most competitive positions.

Social work teachers are usually employed by colleges, and they can teach any number of courses related to social work. They might even serve watch over internship programs that colleges provide for their students. This job can be quite rewarding, and it can also require large amounts of research.

Speech Pathology

Speech pathologists are important professionals who deal with speech disorders in developing individuals. The goal of a speech pathologist is to develop a specialized and personalized plan for every person who shows a speech deficiency. At the higher levels, these professionals can work with people who have severe disability and people who have suffered through a stroke.

The mean salary number for people in this field is around $67,000. Those professionals usually don’t reach this level without first acquiring an advanced degree. A master’s degree in speech pathology is required to work for the vast majority of school districts and other organizations that deal closely with both children and other individuals.

Healthcare Social Work

The healthcare industry employs many professionals, and some of them work to protect the mental health of people who are dealing with various health problems. Some social workers in this field can also work closely with patients who are applying for various forms of insurance, aid, and hospital charity. The role can vary depending upon an individual hospital’s needs.

This particular position pays a little more than $50,000 per year according to numbers supplied by the BLS. Though the salary is slightly lower than what other social work professionals make, many people can gain healthcare employment with only a bachelor’s degree.