personalitysocialSocial Work is a selfless profession because Social Workers habitually put the needs of their clients before their own. Although the median income for Social Workers is approximately $43,000 per year, people do not enter this profession for the promises of riches. Social Workers have a desire to make a positive contribution to society and help people lead quality lives. In order to become successful in this profession, a person has to be committed to enriching the lives of other people. Many successful social workers possess similar traits.

These traits include:

Social Workers must always act in the best interest of their clients regardless of their personal belief systems. For that reason, they must develop the capacity to suspend personal judgment in client-related situations. Social Workers know that their profession is about helping other people to thrive.

There are ethical guidelines that Social Workers must adhere to when servicing clients. Social Workers must be able to conduct themselves in a manner that is consistent with actions set forth by their state licensing board.

Social Workers must be able to feel empathy for their clients. Empathy enables Social Workers to mentally place themselves in their client’s position. Possessing this character trait provides the compassion that is needed to effectively service their clients.

After handling crises on a daily basis, it becomes easy to lose patience with clients and their problems. Social Workers must strengthen their resolve to be patient with difficult people and situations. Possessing this character trait enables Social Workers to prevent the frustration and burn-out that is associated with this profession.

In many instances, Social Workers are on call. A crisis may occur at any moment that needs immediate attention. Flexibility and the willingness to work after hours are essential to successfully provide help in emergency situations.