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The 10 Best Campus Based Social Work Schools

Social work students come from many walks of life. Some enter the field from a sociology or child psychology background whereas others have worked with family planning, criminal justice, legal […]

What Is Social Work?

To put it shortly, social workers help individuals overcome obstacles and improve their quality of life. Social work can be tough at times, but it is absolutely vital for a […]

How To Become A Licensed Social Worker

A common perception of the social work profession is that Social Workers only provide services to people living in poverty. This may have been true during the early years of […]

What are the Traits of Successful Social Workers?

Social Work is a selfless profession because Social Workers habitually put the needs of their clients before their own. Although the median income for Social Workers is approximately $43,000 per […]

What Can I do with a Social Work Degree?

Social work is one of the fastest-growing occupations for today’s college graduates, driven in large part by a society that has come to value the corrective work done by social […]