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10 Best Accredited Online BSW Programs

Image Source Social work is a gratifying human services profession that requires a bachelor’s degree for entry-level generalist practice. Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) programs develop the essential skills for […]

10 Best International Social Work Job Opportunities

International social work is a vast profession with growing demand to address injustices faced across the globe, especially third-world countries. The World Bank reports that 12.7 percent (896 million) of […]

10 Worst Cases of Welfare Fraud Ever (So Far)

Image Source Millions of poor individuals and families rely on welfare to afford their basic living expenses and meet their basic needs. Welfare is any government assistance program that uses […]

10 Best Human and Social Services Associate Degrees

Image Source Earning an associate degree in the human and social services is a gratifying choice for students interested in helping professions. Associate programs require only two years of post-secondary […]

10 Famous People Who Have Social Work Degrees

Image Source Social workers in this helping profession generally aren’t looking for fame or fortune. They work diligently in their communities to right social wrongs with little recognition. Even pioneering […]

Social Work Degree Scholarships, Grants, and Loans

Image Source https://www.jssa.org/service/children-and-adolescents/educational-scholarships-and-loans/undergraduate-students/ Social work degrees are worthy investments for altruistic students wishing to give back to their communities in this helping profession. After all, the Bureau of Labor Statistics […]